Free (almost) software from Serif (old versions)

Free (almost) software from Serif (old versions)

Found 25th Nov 2006
Just received advertisement leaflet in my Homebase Spend-n-Save statement.

Serif is offering the following package:
PagePlus 7
PhotoPlus 6.5
DrawPlus 5
WebPlus 6

The whole lot is free, but you pay for delivery - 82 pence.

If you want this then call 0800 376 5472 and quote NLO/HOME/FOCe code.
Do remember to state that you are NOT interested in marketing, promotions and that shouldn't pass your details to "carefully selected" third-parties..

Not sure if this software is any good.
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Thanks Kommunist

Photoplus 6.0 + other software can be downloaded for FREE here...


All they need is a valid email ID to send the registration code + junk
It's a bit of a hassle when you phone them because you have to suffer their sales pitch ..still if you want the free software it may be worth the pain.
Hi Everyone,

I have used the latest version of Serif software (WebPlus 10 and PagePlus 10) and they are really good.

I have today (again via a Homebase promotion) received details re the free software, although older versions they should be pretty good. The code on my leaflet is NLO/HOME/FOCf .

Its 82p for postage but it should be worth it.

Welcome to HotUKDeals sitemasterz and Thanks for the post

Thanks Kommunist too for the original offer ;-) As currychops says, if you can put up with the sale banter to get your free[ish] CD-ROM's or free gifts [on ocassions], then they're worth it.

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