Free Aloe Vera Samples
Free Aloe Vera Samples

Free Aloe Vera Samples

Choose from nine different products from Nuts about Aloe to receive a sample of!

edit- you can choose more then one!


Although free you have to provide payment details, so I never bothered, thanks though.

You do not have to give payment details - just follow the correct procedure!

NOTE: If you are just ordering samples please use the Enquiry Form, … NOTE: If you are just ordering samples please use the Enquiry Form, include your name and address and we will post the samples to you.


Thank You.

no stock left

Original Poster


no stock left

really, has it all been grabbed up by hukd??

Where is the enquiry form please? Sample come up at 20p


Many thanks for your order for samples. It is with regret that I have to inform you that due to the unprecedented number of requests (over 1000 yesterday alone) that we are unable to continue to supply these for free.

Just to let you know that we are NOT a multinational company, just the wife and I and 4 dogs (and they don’t helpJ), we are independent distributors for Forever Living not the Company itself, so I hope you will understand that to send out samples cost on average £2.50 I cannot afford to provide these in the quantities without covering base costs. We did not post our links on any website and I have no idea how or who did.

I have to purchase them, so if you are genuinely interested, you can buy the the samples for 20pence each excluding the Aloe2Go which still works out less than the cost to buy the sample and P&P.

Many thanks for your understanding

Kind regards

Mike Allen

I think they were so inundated with requests yesterday that samples were all changed to 20p yesterday lunchtime ......
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