Free Alternative to Spotify - Last FM
Free Alternative to Spotify - Last FM

Free Alternative to Spotify - Last FM

In my mission to find you all free alternatives to Spotify which has gone coporate-y and reduced their free time.

Last.fm is a music recommendation service. You use Last.fm by signing up and downloading The Scrobbler, which helps you discover more music based on the songs you play.

What’s Scrobbling?

A scrobble is a little note The Scrobbler sends to Last.fm to let us know what song you’re playing.

Scrobbling helps us tell you what songs you play most often, which songs you like the most, how much you’ve played an artist over a certain amount of time, which of your friends have similar tastes… all kinds of stuff. By focusing on the music you already play we can help you discover more music.

What you get

Scrobbles mean we can deliver personalised recommendations for every single Last.fm listener, every single day. We compare what you play to the scrobbles of millions of listeners around the world, meaning your recommendations are the result of more than 43 billion scrobbles and counting.


Huge lack of music on last.fm, it's only good for scrobbling what you already have downloaded really.

last.fm has been around for a long time
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