Free Alternative to Spotify @ Mflow
Free Alternative to Spotify @ Mflow

Free Alternative to Spotify @ Mflow

Another alternative to Spotify. Direct link here too ->‌ beta.mflow.com

This is in beta mode and works differently, but here is how it does in their own words, below..

We believe that...

music is for listening

We believe that you should be able to listen to music without paying monthly subscription fees, and without having to put up with annoying adverts. After all, if you're going to buy music, you're going to need to listen to it in full first.

music is better shared

We believe that the best way to find new music is through other people, and that it should be easy to legally share music with your friends - be they on mflow, facebook, twitter or buzz. More people buy music through a friend's recommendation on mflow than in any other way.

music should be rewarding

We believe that when you buy music, the person that recommended it to you should be rewarded. By buying DRM-free music on mflow, you're not only making sure the artists get paid, you're also giving a big thank you (20% of the price, to be exact) to the person that recommended it to you.


could you not have just posted all the alternatives in 1 post???

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could you not have just posted all the alternatives in 1 post???

Let me repeat what I said to someone else who voted cold (yes) because I did not put in free music services in ONE post.

'How would I get all of the sites url into the link deals link?? Also, someone (could be quite like you, fussy, ha ha) might like some, hate some and vote cold because of one of many alternatives.

Plus they are all different in their way...

So you vote cold because I posted all the different alternatives differently? They are services in their own right - Spotify's action just spurred me to find out and post these for all.

But thanks for being honest anyway, I see a lot of people are voting cold with nary a comment to back it up.

Is there an alternative to this site where I can post freebies btw? I hate ungrateful people who can't vote HOT or COLD based on the deal posted. i.e. in Freebie it is either free or not. If it is FREE and doesn't appeal to me, by voting it cold I am sending the wrong message to others who may benefit from it.

Have I got this completely wrong??'

I did not vote cold, was just suggesting that they could all be in 1 post as that would be easier to compare, and hear peoples views on them.

would not care if you had to put the links in the post rather on the "LINK" button my self.


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Wow, how does a FREEBIE get voted COLD? I can see there's quite a few haters out there...

very good alternative...good find

if you search the site for mflow there may stillbe some free credit codes still around, the eater offer i think is still working too

Will have a look!Cheers!

Nice spam bro.

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Nice spam bro.

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