Free Amnesia: The Dark Descent @ Onlive

Free Amnesia: The Dark Descent @ Onlive

Found 17th May 2011
Survival horror game, free to play via OnLive. Just use code THANKYOU when purchasing to take the price down from $20 to nothing.


thought this was a US only service... and I feel like this has already been posted..

Nicely done.Many thanks ive grabbed it.

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thought this was a US only service... and I feel like this has already … thought this was a US only service... and I feel like this has already been posted..

Well thanks for the positive feedback!

From a payments point of view I believe you need a credit card registered in the US but since this deal is free that doesn't make any difference. No credit card is needed to make an account by the way. They used to prevent connections from outside the USA but now as long as your bandwidth and latency is good enough they will let anyone connect to try it out. They are perfectly aware that people connect from Europe and according to their blog they are planning to install some EU servers soon with a view to expanding the service worldwide.

I did a search to see if it was posted already and couldn't find it, if you're going to say it's a repost shouldn't you at least provide a link to the original?

Can't believe this isn't hotter. The last deal for this game was £3.25 and it got to 350º. This one is the same except you don't have to pay for it, download or install it, or even run it locally - it should run great even on hardware which doesn't run games well since OnLive basically streams a video of the game being processed by their server, all your computer has to do is play the video stream and send your keyboard/mouse actions. Maybe everyone who would be interested in this deal already bought a copy at £3.25...

5 Mb/s is obviously not fast enough, won't let me in.

Thanks, this worked for me. I was thinking of uninstalling Onlive because I don't use it, glad I didn't. Just got to figure out how to play it... Rubbish at games!

Works fine on my wireless.

Amnesia is so freaky!!

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Works fine on my wireless too but if it won't let you connect then try with an ethernet cable instead.

Works great on my wireless with BT Infinity, excellent idea, though it doesn't half eat through bandwidth. Very hot deal, it'll go nicely with the 3 humble bundle games that activate on OnLive!


Response time is a bit too slow for me generally, but for games like this it doesn't really make a difference. hot

I couldn't get the code to work

Is there Mac compatibility at all for this?

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Yes, OnLive is available for PC and Mac

How do you do this without a US Credit Card??

I still have Onlive keys for various Humble Bundle's but I don't have a US Credit Card.

(plus it won't even let me sign in)
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doesnt work... the promo code you entered does not work.

oh well....

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Looks like it was a one-day offer. Sorry.

Sure I've seen this promotion before, just can't remember where X)
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