Free Angry Birds and TuneWiki on Symbian Anna and Belle

Free Angry Birds and TuneWiki on Symbian Anna and Belle

Found 3rd Feb 2012
If you update your Ovi Store to the new Nokia Store layout, you can download full versions of Angry Birds and TuneWiki. Not much of a discount but if you didn't have it already it is a nice game to relax with on the train!

Link is for mobiles, not sure if it works through a PC connection. You can use the freebie through the phone - tried and tested - working.


These will be the free, but riddled with ads Angry Birds like on Android ? (the ads ruin a great game)

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No. It is actually free full game. It is a Nokia promo. There is a normal free (demo) version but it's very limited so the freebie is nice if you can't be bothered to go through payments and registrations but want to have the game (I never purchase anything, only freebies so never had to register payment details).

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I can also add Nimbuzz to the list although I am not sure if it was free before. I don't use so don't really care. I know it is a nice app but there were free alternatives anyway.

Blimey... does anyone actually still buy Symbian these days?

Shame Symbian is awful.

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If you have nothing useful to say, then don't say anything. Symbian is great for the right people

All I can see is the normal free version

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Update to Nokia Store. Then go to the categories - there is a Collection called Nokia Store Gift - they are in there. You will only see them if you update your mobile Ovi Store to Nokia Store.

I can see NO "Nokia Store Gift"
Massively irritating looking around. VERY slow, poor site to "look around"

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What device are you using? It doesn't come up on the online version, you need to update through a Symbian device (the version on the desktop site that you see as 1.50 gbp is Free through your mobile when you update your store. It is really obvious and there ads advertising it.

I couldnt find it either on my Nokia n8

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Very odd. What OS are you running? I am on Anna and have no issues. Maybe it is exclusive to Anna mobiles that update - unfortunately it doesn't say anything like that on the ads on my mobile so can't say for sure what the reason is?

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An article on the topic - it says Belle, too. Don't know what's the reason for you guys not to see it.

On a second thought, it could be an operator-specific restriction. Have you had the option to update your ovi store to nokia store?
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I'm on Anna / T-Mobile

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I am guessing it is T-mobile problem then - hopefully they will release the new store soon. It works on Orange and Anna.

Works for me on a N8 Belle on T-Mobile. Has been free for a few months now.

Updated m n8 to belle today and got the new store with the freebies also, cheers.
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