Free aql twitter number
Free aql twitter number

Free aql twitter number

Live Tweets via text message

aql.com provides a free and easy way to update your Twitter account via text message. Simply sign up for a Twitter number via the link below and we will assign an aql number linked to your personal Twitter account. All you will need to do is send a text message to the number and it will update your Twitter feed automatically!

I normally use their Voip service so this is legitimate not a spam. I have signed up, no problem and I got my number and it's free.


Can you not do this anyway without going through a third party company?

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yes, that's true. but if you are on T-mobile you'll get charge international rate. also, I read on twitter website, some carrier charge different rate whereas this is a safer route because it's a landline number. you'll always get charge normal landline rate or free if you have a bundle sms package on your mobile.

I would personally go for this one in case network provider changes their term in the future to charge in order to sent to their shortcode. Beside, I'm on virgin and they don't have this facility :x

Also 3 Mobile charge international rate for twitter .. or has that changed recently?
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