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Free Aquarium Water Test - Pets at Home
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Free Aquarium Water Test - Pets at Home

Posted 10th Jun 2015

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Went in to Pets at Home today to enquire about water quality testing kits for aquariums. Was advised the full kits are £35 BUT they will do the same test for you for free if you take a sample of your aquarium water in to store. Also advised this could be done as many times as you like.
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My local aquarium fish store does this too but heat added as I never knew Pets at Home does it. I believe this tests lots of different things and then when you change the water, you can take it back and check it again.
never been impressed with the staff but well done to the company for offering this.
Ideal for those who have a marine set up!
mega heat.

never been impressed with the staff but well done to the company for … never been impressed with the staff but well done to the company for offering this.Ideal for those who have a marine set up!mega heat.

they have been doing this for about 10 years, and its for cold water fish and tropical, not marine. I know as I used to be a department manager on the aquarium section.
Seems a bit steep £35
ALWAYS have been doing this...
selected stores only. my local one doesn't do it the one in the next town does...
Doesn't every shop do this? All of my locals do, not just pets at home
Every shop? I'll just take mine in to the local co-op then.
Should do just to keep a check. You should also make a note of the results too.
Be careful not to get your other "water sample" mixed up on the way to the doctors. oO
"Congratulations Madame, your fish are pregnant".
Honestly I wouldn't trust them... Spend the money on a proper chemical master kit. API ones are good.

Test strips aren't worth the paper they use and are very unreliable, often this is what the chains use because they are quick and easy.

Plus, if anything goes wrong you want to be able to test your water as quickly as possible.
While it is good that Pets at Home offer this, the staff (in my experience) dont know what the results mean. After getting my fish tank water tested, I found out that there was a large amount of ammonia in the water. The member of staff serving me tried telling me that bogwood in the tank was causing the high ammonia. As far as I know, bogwood has no effect on ammonia.

So the free water test is good, but the staff who do it maybe arent so good.

Seems a bit steep £35

The £35.00 kit checks for ammonia, nitrates, nitrites etc and can be used hundreds of time at home, so actually very good value.
Amazon have the API Freshwater Master Test Kit for around £22 at the moment..... Buying a single chemical test kit is around £8 each (normally need to test at least Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia), so little cheaper to have all and much better than test strips....
Most aquarium shops will do this for free, its nothing new.

Every fish place does this, I totally agree with the post about the staff at Pets At Home not knowing what the results mean. They don't look after their own tanks, avoid the place when it comes to buying fish.
FYI every good aquarium shop will do these for free and give advice...

And yes, pets at home may be good for special deals on fish food etc but don't buy fish from them!
Pets at Home are going to be on BBC Watchdog again this Thursday at 8pm. The private equity group Kohlberg Kravis Roberts dumped half its shares!
I find all the staff at my local store near on impossible to deal with. Emailed a complaint to head office twice with no response. Don't touch the company anymore, supporting my local shops.
also get free food if you ask about nutrition about your cat/dog
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