Free Ariel Shower Timer

Free Ariel Shower Timer

Found 12th Feb 2008
For this 3 minute shower timer, click the link and fill in your address details.

- miss money saver
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looks good thanks!
Thanks. Ordered one. Heat added.
thanks, ordered and voted hot
Cheers ears... getting hotter..
hot ;-):thumbsup:
Ordered! Thanks
gr8 thanks just ordered voted hot
Ordered and Voted hot. Hopefully it will make the other half hurry up in the bathroom in the mornings!
Voted hot, thanks
Thanks OP.

Hubby spends too much time in the shower. :x

Voted HOT. :thumbsup:
top one, about the only green (tight?) thing I do is having quick showers
Anything for free is good, but they'll be a lot more smelly people around :w00t:
ordered - heat added - cheers
Thanks-ordered mine!
thanks heat added
Great find, have ordered.

Voted HOT :thumbsup:
3 minutes for a shower your having a laugh!!
How about for a very lightly boiled egg?
Voted hot will be handy for kids, hubby and guests not me though i am a long bubble bath sort of girl :-)
people get quite irrational about environmental issues these days... you find the same people who get very greener-than-thou about low-energy lightbulbs rushing headlong into offers for cheap plasma screen televisions
I think I speak for everyone when I say I love free ****!
voted HOT and ordered.:thumbsup:
Thanks, voted HOT
Thanks, another freebie :-D
Ordered mine and added some heat :thumbsup:
:thumbsup: Voted HOT!
Great deal

I wish companies wouldn't use different domain names like this. This is what phishing sites do :whistling: ??
cheers voted hot
This is madness, time languishing in the shower is time well spent. Even if it would save the world (which it won't) then it's a world I don't want to live in.
What will people do with the time and money they save by not being in the shower? They'll be making extra cups of tea and boiling kettles or using computers to log on to hotukdeals and buy stuff they never knew they didn't need! The world will be destroyed by this shower-timing menace!
Put this in my missus' name....this is gonna go down ike a lead balloon, she is the queen of the 30 minute power shower. Voted Hot.
I have no intention of cutting my shower down to 3 minutes, but at least i'll be able to keep better track of how long i've been in there - might stop me being late for work
Fantastic Find Made Hot Thanx!!:-D
Ordered cheers,[COLOR="Red"]heat[/COLOR] [COLOR="Black"]added[/COLOR]
Thanks OP, some more heat added
It's a good idea. I usually spend at least 10 minutes in the shower (the longer the better though). This is going to save me being late for work, I'll save the longer showers for weekend
Thanks!! Heat added :thumbsup:
hot and ordered one
Great thanks heat + rep given :thumbsup: :-D
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