Free Aristocats Hardback Disney Book
Free Aristocats Hardback  Disney Book

Free Aristocats Hardback Disney Book

I found this offer in the Aristocrat DVD and wanted to share.

Simply CALL 0871 880 8247 - Calls cost 8p per minute and lasts no longer than 3 minutes, so if anything it is only 24p!

They will ask if you want to subscribe to disney books and you just say no. There is no hassle. My book arrived within 14 days!


BEWARE!! Grolier still start sending you books even if you say you don't want to subscribe. Just do a search on here and I'm sure you'll find lots of "comments". sorry cold

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I did subscribe for a set of books about 8 years ago - but now i always go for their freebie disney books and i have to say i have never had a problem - touch wood!!

they good at sending you stuff you don`t wait and then you have to pay to return them beware.

:!: As above - have had trouble stopping Grolier from sending through stuff not requested.

Beware! :!:

Sorry, but I have had to give this a cold vote as all be it years ago (but reading the above posts nothing has changed) I found although I did eventually after much hassle stop them sending me the books, they did pester on me a frequent basis.

I have subscribed to Grolier on several occasions just to get the free books. I have never had a problem. I email them for prepaid labels for the trial books and return them straightaway with a cancellation letter. :thumbsup:

I have done a few free ish offers with Grolier. It does cost you to return the books if its that sort of offer.
Only once did they try and send more after cancellation, I just popped them in the post box with return to sender written on the front and "subscription cancelled" on the rear. Never heard from them again.

We did the Grolier stuff when my first daughter was born (she's 8 now). After we stopped we have been constantly bombarded with calls about doing them again, despite asking them to take us off mailing list etc. We still continue with these calls but now bit more spaced out. Great freebie if you don't get the hassle but gotta vote cold coz of company.
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