Free Asda Money Saver Application for iPhone @ iTunes
Free Asda Money Saver Application for iPhone @ iTunes

Free Asda Money Saver Application for iPhone @ iTunes

Great app. And save money with just your receipt! Really good! Check it out.

Tired of phoney supermarket price wars? We’re so confident that we won’t be beaten on price that we have created an interactive app with a money back guarantee to prove it. We have even included a store locator so you can find you’re nearest ASDA Store wherever you are.

ASDA Price Guarantee is powered by the independent price checker mysupermarket.co.uk and looks at the prices of around 14,000 like-for-like branded and own label grocery products at ASDA with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Waitrose.

It’s a simple three-step process, and if in the unusual event that you could have bought the comparable items in your grocery shopping for less at one of the above competitors, we’ll give you back the difference plus one penny:


Not very good reviews system crashes or sever busy

Could you this app, at least i wont be surrounded by security using this app, like i did when i went to an actual asda store.

Moral of this story, dont put your hand in you pocket instore, or you will be surrounded by security, have people put on door and have police sent to watch you.

Will never ever shop there again.

cant't seem to use this for online shopping....

Liam did you pursue the matter? If you were detained by asda in anyway you could have been entitled to compensation.

I went home planning too, fuming i was. Phoned them up and told them, but as Im a nice guy and it being xmas, I thought I might get one the sack, so never carried it further. Told them to watch the way they treated people in future.

They might have been a nasty piece of work but im not.

Soo never shopped there again and never will.

It's not like the tesco shopping app it's only to do the price comparison. I got an online order price was fine, as we subs expiry dates and all the other problems I've read about. I just went to the web site put in my receipt number and even though my order was cheeper on the comparison it still got over £1 back as vouchers on my asda account due to the 10% rule.
I'm not saying Asda is any better or worse than the others but if they are offering me money off for next time then I will claim it, the app just makes a bit easier. It won't make me into an Asda customer, I have no absolute loyalty to any if the stores

My local asda has a banner at the petrol station but it says they will double the difference

I got a voucher for £4.50 on last shop...I wish i had checked the last 6 months worth of shopping at the time as it has to be done within a month

doesn't give me the option to enter an online receipt number??? anyone know what I need to do?
It says "get started - enter receipt" but is loking for a store receipt details only, which I don't have.
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