Free Audience tickets for ITV shows
Free Audience tickets for ITV shows

Free Audience tickets for ITV shows


Hosted by Phillip Schofield & Fern Britton, 'Mr & Mrs' for a hilarious big new ITV1 Saturday night series with a couple of new twists for the new century!
Phillip and Fern will be finding out whether some of the nations favourite celebrity couples really were made for one another. In each episode, three celebrity couples will compete for big cash prizes, for a charity of their choice (plus the all important classic carriage clock) by answering questions about their relationships. We'll also get an insight into their home life as 'All Star Mr & Mrs' takes a trip around each of the couples' homes.

Amongst the celebrity couples taking part are: Neil & Christine Hamilton, 'Buffy' actor Anthony Head and partner Sarah Fisher, Danny Dyer, King Of The Jungle Christopher Biggins & partner Neil, Kerry Katona & husband Mark Croft, Vic Reeves & Nancy Sorrell, Steve Bakley & his wife, Lembit Opik & Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia, Laurence & Jackie Llewelyn Bowen and Vicky Entwistle & husband Andy.

As each pair plays, one partner will be sent off to the sound-proofed booth whilst their other half is quizzed on their life together. When the other half returns, the couple are challenged to match their partners answers in a bid to win the big cash prize of £30,000 for a charity of their choice. There will also be a few more surprises along the way!

Viewers can join Phil and Fern in a celebration of relationships and get a real insight into the world of celebrity couples as they reveal how similar, or different, they really are! Do celebrities argue over the toilet seat, the remote control or the wet towels left on the floor?

Booking is now open, so if you would like to join us, then apply now!


Link not working for me I'm afraid - could be HUKD or ITV sites. ANyone else noticed over the last while that HUKD & quidco have had a fair bit of random trouble loading pages?

Not seen anything for this show, but you may want to try: itv.com/Beo…tml

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not working for me either

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Can't get the link to work and doesn't seem to be on the itv tickets website either. Sorry cold from me too.
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