free audiobook from audible

free audiobook from audible

Found 21st Oct 2016
just found this, not great reviews but not listened myself.....

from Audible description...

In this inspirational audiobook drawn from the hugely popular Twitter account, the Man Who Has It All helps men to nurture opinions of their own, make time to smile and choose between a career and a baby. From Frazzled to Fabulous includes words of wisdom on everything from how to spend your 'me time' and get a grip on guilt to dressing in your wow colours and speaking in the right tone of voice at work.
It's a must-have audiobook for frazzled dads and high-flying men who are struggling to stay hydrated and get to the bottom of the ironing pile. Oh, and it's for women who believe that men should be fully supported to have it all and, more importantly, do it all. Those women will love this audiobook.
FREE until 20th November!
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Cheers op
Do you have to be a member to avail download this audiobook?

Do you have to be a member to avail download this audiobook?

You need to be a member of the site, free registration or use your amazon login details.
You don't need an active subscription to redeem the free book.

Also, you may want to visit directly and search Man Who Has It All as the link from hukd usually takes you to a landing page to sign up for their trial offer as a referral.

On the product page for the audio book, you can listen to a 4 minute preview extract of the book.

But without paying anything at all, you can get this book for free.
I feel like this one of those offers that are not worth going for as they will make you ineligible for future Audible offers such as free Amazon credit if you sign up for Audible trial.
now 9p. terrible reviews
Can anybody tell me how to find free audible books please? i can't seem to find a category within Audible to do this. Thanks
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