Free audiobook from Audible.co.uk
Free audiobook from Audible.co.uk

Free audiobook from Audible.co.uk

Get a free audiobook from audible.co.uk by signing up from the link. You get a 14 day free trial and get 1 credit to spend on any audiobook. Be aware that at the end of the trial they will start charging £7.99 a month so make sure you cancel your membership before the 14 days are up.

I got the da vinci code - dan brown (unabridged) which normally costs £35 on this site but i got it for free.

The audiobook can be put on more than one formats including ipods mobiles etc.

If you have a mac it can be easily put on ipod using itunes and if you have windows then there is a program you need to download. It explains it quite well on the site on how to put it on different formats


You can get £4 from TopCashBack as well for signing up to the Audible trial.

dag nabbit I registered before seeing your reply Chris. Ah well!

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Giving card details for freebies is against "the rules", well, my rules in anycase. Plus its been posted before. Sorry.
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