Free audiobooks @ Librivox

Free audiobooks @ Librivox

Found 31st Oct 2017
Fancy a book at bedtime or perhaps something to keep the kids amused on long journeys.Or even if you have limited sight but enjoy a good book. please support these guys (you can even volunteer to become a reader). all mp3s are in the public domain and available to listen on pc, phone, ipod or burn to CD. Happy listening.
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What a fantastic site.

Happy to support this brilliantly helpful idea.

I had no idea this existed! Thanks so much OP
thanks guys...give them love, and maybe think about reading a book or short story for them yourself FBx
Quality can vary bit, but there are some superb renditions of classic books. Those that are maybe less slick in delivery can be quite charming, a credit to the volunteers and always interesting. Great to get a heads up about this brilliant site, thank you.
See this thread for this and lots more free resources…685
astounded there are still people who dont know about librivox! yep the standard of reading can vary wildly so have a listen to the samples before choosing a download. But hey its free and you might fancy reciting a book yourself, why not? heat!
The true audible killer ha ha
Not a deal, always this price.*

*I voted hot, I've had it some time.
kkthomask31st Oct

The true audible killer ha ha

Not at all. My experience is that a professional actor or actress reading an audio book will usually bring the story alive, a monotone but eager member of the public can often kill it dead. I've tried Librivox a few times and whilst well meaning, the amateur narrators aren't up to the standard of Audible. Some sound as though they are reading the phone book.
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