Free Audiobooks @

Free Audiobooks @

Found 28th Nov 2011
I only came across this yesterday, but it is a fantastic idea. I'm far too lazy to read (at one point I considered myself a dyslexic who found reading difficult.... I have since discovered I was lying to myself) but I am aware that I am missing out on a great number of great literacy works.

Quite a few are covered by audible (although at a cost far more substantial than the book would have cost... (is 6 hours of the authors time worth THAT much?) Well this site warms my heart a little as well as giving me access to a world of books.

Like when someone flashes their headlights to let you know there's a speed trap up ahead, listening to a book read by a stranger for no reason other than for others makes me smile.

Personally I'm currently working my way through the memoires of sherlock holmes, got to say the reading of people I've come across so far is perfectly listenable, some of them make it quite enjoyable as a listen, for free I would certainly suggest giving it a go

I know it's not a deal as such, more just raising awareness of something which I wish I knew about earlier on
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Thanks for posting this, looks quite interesting.Never heard of it before.I used to read but i can't seem to concentrate anymore.Got several books with bits of paper in near the begining.Perhaps it's too much tv and film watching.
Great idea. I'll have to look at this later. I know a few people who would benefit.
There are also free apps for both iPhone and Android that let you listen on the move, browse the catalog and remember your place in the book which are rather useful.
I've used this site quite a bit. Say you want to read something but intimidated by the length and complexity? This will site be your nbf. But it's pot-luck if you get a good reader:)
Nothing quite like jumping in at the deep end - downloaded James Joyce Ulysses, only to find the reader had almost as heavy going as I did!

Excellent service though and I'm sure I'll return to again and again
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