Free Autodesk Programs for students
Free Autodesk Programs for students

Free Autodesk Programs for students

Over 25 products available for free* download—all with a new, extended 3-year license

Auto desk for students have full versions of their software for free if you have a student email address.

Lots of good programs on here for use by design students. This has been a massive help for me while studying Architectural Technology at uni and I hope it can be of use to others

Programs include

Revit Architecture
Viz 3d
Civil 3D
Alias studio
Revit Structure
Map 3d
and more

All in all adds up to big savings as AutoCAD alone can cost up to £1000.



Thanks, heat added, but presumably this post should be in 'freebies' rather than 'deals', shouldn't it?

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Yep you are correct as this is a freebie. Not done alot of posting so just getting to know the layout.


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I think it should also be noted that a small water mark will be left when you print out any work but great to able use all this at home for free.

Great! Need autocad and i finally have my uni email address so saves me a crap load buying myself :).


Hmm, just been looking but it seems that they have a watermark on the programs, am i missing something?

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Look at the comment above. they all have water mark as its a student copy. You can do everything the retail copies do but it has a water mark to stop professionals using this software.

Hope that makes sence!

Already used this about a year ago,
Great deal as Autocad is worth at least £500 for 2010 version.

Heat added

Ah crackin, 3ds max for free is gooood!

My 9 year old son wants to get into gaming animation as a career but his middle school doesn't assign student email addresses.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to get the software so he can learn gaming animation? I think he would benefit from using Maya.

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Sorry I dont know alot about gaming animation so I cant help on that one. I think this is aimed at university students and might be a bit much for a 9year old. maybe start him off with sketchup which you can download for free from google.

Fantastic deal.
Already got 3dsMax, Maya, Mudbox, and AutoCAD.
Lovely jubbly

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was has this been expired?

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not expired
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