Free Avast Internet Security 6.0 License Key For Everyone

Free Avast Internet Security 6.0 License Key For Everyone

Found 20th Jul 2011
Free Avast Internet Security 6.0 License Key For Everyone

1. Goto…hts, fill-in and submit the form with a valid email address

2. You will receive activation license key file download link by email.…ile?
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all thats needed is a name and email
your views on the best avast or avg ?
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i dont like these all in one resource hoggers

quickest way to slow your pc down and they arent necessary

ive used paid ones 15 years ago for a couple of years (nortons when they were ok) and when free ones were few are far between or garbage but since then ive used free ones and have never had a virus -

i sort out all my friends and colleagues pc's -

the only ones who have probs are those with no security or those who have bought stupid security but it hasnt warned them that their licence is about to expire because a virus has attacked the security software (mcafee!!) or they havent bothered to update it

ive used all the free ones - avg was rubbish and trashed my parents pc after a failed update meant you couldnt uninstall/update it nor install another antivirus so had to perfrom a system restore using the one and only good remaining restore point - a virus had attacked avg and trashed it and all files were hidden and renamed - restoring meant that the virus could be removed in safe mode using specialist tools and the files could be un-hidden (is that a word) as it looked like there were lots of folders with nothing in them, but checking folder properties clearing showed there were files

i use avast (with the WHS server version monitoing my pc's licences and status) and i use pc tools firewall which seems fine (i did use zonealarm but that really doesnt like avast on either a win7 32bit or 64bit machine) - these 2 seem to use little resource

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cannot download the license key file, the Registry File link is forwarded to this page. Did you get the file by any chance?
I don't think I'll use this. I'm happy enough with Avast Antivirus (free), and use ad-aware and spyware terminator for the other nasties. Not sure I want to put all my eggs in one basket, and also I imagine this is a one year license deal. Might reconsider if it's not.
The original link is in German, whilst its not hard to interpret here is a google translated link:

I just use Microsoft Security Essentials. Works a treat which is a nice surprise for M$
I think its only 9 months licence as the link is 3 months old.
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Well spotted. I use Mse for act and ZoneAlarm with the occassional scan from SuperAntiSpyware.
But handy to have, I assume the 1 year starts from installation so can keep it a while.
I just checked and its 9 months like i said
Has anyone managed to download it ? i got the email but the only links on it are to a PDFfile.If you translate the German to English it seems to say use the disk thats on the cover of the magazine.

Has anyone managed to download it ? i got the email but the only links on … Has anyone managed to download it ? i got the email but the only links on it are to a PDFfile.If you translate the German to English it seems to say use the disk thats on the cover of the magazine.

im still waiting for the email
There you go have my email.
Liebe AVAST-Anwenderin / lieber AVAST-Anwender,

vielen Dank für Ihre Registrierung.

Mit diesem Link können Sie Ihre persönliche Registrierungsdatei herunterladen.


Com so geht´s Artikel:…pdf

Zur Programmaktivierung speichern Sie diese Datei bitte auf Ihren Desktop oder unter Eigene Dateien ab, wo Sie diese Datei wiederfinden.

Die Lizenzierung kann auf unterschiedliche Weise erfolgen, dazu müssen Sie sich die Software avast! Internet Security direkt von der Heft-DVD des Magazins com! So geht´s nutzen.

Sobald Sie die Software Installation starten werden Sie über einen Installationsassistenten durch die Installation geleitet. Sie werden dann im weiteren Installationsverlauf nach einer gültigen Lizenzdatei gefragt. Jetzt müssen Sie lediglich das Verzeichnis auswählen in dem Sie die heruntergeladene Lizenzdatei abgespeichert haben. So werden die Lizenzinformationen direkt bei der Installation eingelesen.

Sollten Sie die avast! Internet Security schon als Demo installiert haben, wird die Lizenzierung direkt im Programm vorgenommen. Dafür sollten Sie wie oben bereits beschrieben, die Lizenzdatei aus herunterladen und speichern. Um die Lizenzierung durchzuführen, öffnen Sie zuerst die Software und wählen im Register „Verwaltung“ den Menüpunkt „Abonnement“ aus. Dort erscheint dann im Fenster eine Schaltfläche „Lizenzdatei einfügen“. Dieses Fenster klicken Sie an und suchen den Pfad, in dem Sie die Lizenzdatei gespeichert haben. Sobald Sie die Lizenzdatei ausgewählt haben, werden Sie von dem Programm gefragt, ob Sie die Lizenzinformationen einfügen möchten. Dies können Sie mit „JA“ bestätigen und der Vorgang wird abgeschlossen.

Es besteht ebenfalls die Möglichkeit die Lizenzdatei bei einer bereits installierten Demoversion direkt einzulesen. Dies funktioniert über die von Ihnen zuvor gespeicherte Lizenzdatei. Dazu markieren Sie die Lizenzdatei mit einem linken Mausklick und drücken dann die rechte Maustaste. Sobald das Kontextmenü erscheint gehen Sie mit der Maus auf den Menüpunkt „Öffnen mit“ und wählen den Eintrag „aswChLic.“. Nachdem Sie die Auswahl getroffen haben, werden Sie gefragt ob Sie diese Lizenzdatei einfügen möchten und bestätigen dieses mit „Ja“. Nun wird der Vorgang geschlossen.

Sobald Ihre Lizenzdatei korrekt eingelesen wurde, werden unter den Abonnement-Informationen Ihr gültige Lizenzlaufzeit angezeigt.

Wir hoffen Ihnen mit dieser Anleitung eine Hilfestellung bei der Lizenzierung Ihrer avast! Internet Security gegeben zu haben und wünschen Ihnen eine sichere Zeit mit Ihrer AVAST Software.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ihr Globell Team
Globell B.V. ∙ Noorderport 28 ∙ NL-5916 PJ Venlo
Can anyone please translate the instructions please?

Copy and paste it in to the above.Come back if you have worked it out.Cheers
Ok i translated the whole email.

AVAST-use users love / prefer AVAST users

Thank you for your registration.

With this link you can download your personal registration file.

Registry File:

Com's article goes like this:

The program activation you please save this file onto your desktop or in My Documents, where you can find this file again.

Licensing can be done in different ways, you have to the software avast! Internet Security directly from the DVD issue of the magazine com! So user's will.

Once you start the software installation you will be guided through a setup wizard through the installation. You will be asked in the further course of installation for a valid license file. Now you just need to select the directory where you saved the downloaded license file. This license information is read directly from the installation.

You should download avast! Internet Security have been installed as a demo, the licensing is done directly in the program. For this you should already described above, download the license file, and save. To carry out the licensing, you first open the software and select the tab "Administration" menu "subscription" from. There appears "to insert license file" in the window of a button. This window allows you to click and find the path where you saved the license file. Once you have selected your license file, you will be asked by the program whether you want to paste the license information. This you can confirm with "YES" and the process is completed.

It is also possible the license file with an already installed demo version directly read. This works on the license file you saved previously. Just select the license file with a left mouse click and then press the right mouse button. Once the menu appears, move the mouse on the menu item "Open With" and select "aswChLic.." After you have made your selection, you will be asked whether you want to insert the license file and confirm this with "Yes". Now the process is closed.

Once your license file has been read correctly, including the subscription information, your valid license period are displayed.

We hope that this guide an aid in the licensing of your avast! Internet Security have been to and wish you a safe time with your AVAST software.

Read phonetically
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Thanks but we need more info, can someone please make an idiots guide for us by putting the correct links up and explaining what we do step by step? cheers
this seems well completed. even though the actual 6 month offer is really good. few sentances on step by step instructions would have helped.
I like this AVAST-use users love / prefer AVAST userss
I read it somewhere on the instructions its expires April 2013.

all thats needed is a name and emailyour views on the best avast or avg ?

Anything is better than AVG! oO
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