Free Avon samples

Free Avon samples

Found 18th Jan 2007
Email avon and tell them your skin type and ask to sample products suitable for your skin type. They will send you loads of free skincare and make up samples!!

Just click on the link for the contact page.

For the ladies. The contact page comes up with all the relevant details. Takes 2 mins to fill in. Dont vote cold! If its not of interest to you then ignore it.
- karlosblanco
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hope this works
Your information has been validated and sent to us. Thank you.

Not sure this one will work, since there is an option of brochure request but not sample request. However I have tried it and am hopeful
Just emailed them my details. Will let you know if I get anything
I have tried to... did mine under 'product inquiry' ...Hope it works!!
tried it 2. will let u know. voted hot.

I have tried to... did mine under 'product inquiry' ...Hope it works!!

Same here - I think that the more people who do it, the less likely they are to send anything out. If they get one in a week they will probably send something, 100 in a day - maybe not!
Let me know how you get on. I know 2 people who got stuff from this.
hi, I tried this and sadly all I got was I small sample which was already open, boo hoo!
I tried this one and i too only got a very small sample of face wash..(boring)

The stamp was worth more than the sample..!!:-(
i got a free sample - I am not as disappointed as others though because I wasnt expecting anything since they werent offering freebies!
I emailed them more times and got more samples
I emailed them again to see if they would send me anything else - will let you know if I get anything
Got a small sachet of face cream this morning
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