free baby talk dvd from calpol
free baby talk dvd from calpol

free baby talk dvd from calpol

Free "Baby Talk" DVD

Get yours now!

Want to know more about breastfeeding, getting enough sleep, infant fevers, healthy eating, and crying babies...?? Then, let's talk! "Baby Talk" is a new DVD, made in association with Calpol, which addresses many of the issues new parents deal with every day. Entertaining and easy to watch, it offers practical and down-to-earth advice.

So, if you're a new parent or expecting your first baby, register your details and we'll send you your free DVD. But hurry, "Baby Talk" is a limited edition DVD and is only available here from Calpol, so get yours while stocks last!

Extra help is at hand
As a new parent, you can never have too much help. That's why, along with your free "Baby Talk" DVD, we'll also send you some free MiniGuides to Parenting - if you haven't already registered for them. Filled with advice on all sorts of children's health-related topics including crying, teething and immunisations, each set of handy-sized MiniGuides will be sent to tie in with different stages of your child's development.


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