Free bags for life/reusable @ Tesco.

Free bags for life/reusable @ Tesco.

Found 23rd Oct 2009Made hot 31st Oct 2009
Tesco are giving away free bags for life and reusable bags at the Tesco Arena store Coventry (not sure if this is nationwide) . There are two members of staff as you walk into the store asking if you want bags, lots of people said no as you do not realise they are free, but they are. I know it's only a small saving but it's a saving and you will be helping towards saving the environment.


should be Freebies section

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What section is this then?? Thought it was freebie section.

nice one for the heads up, lets hope its nation wide :thumbsup:


should be Freebies section


Dont think its nationwide wasnt in my local.

Cheers :thumbsup:

this happens every time they run out of normal bags too.

Thx for the heads up.

but I have found these bags to be absolute crap, unless they have improved the design, the handles just break off. I know they are replaced for free but not worth the hassle.

The Hessian bags are alot stronger as are the tesco finest ones.

I've never had any problems with the handles though they do eventually seem to get a hole in the bottom, but that's probably because something has poked through.
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