free balamory magazine

free balamory magazine

Found 3rd Jul 2007
hope this hasnt been listed already! its says first 100 but worth a shot!


Thanks - fingers crossed!

Voted hot Thank you xx

Sorry to put a bummer on the deal, but I have never known of anyone to get one of these. The theory is that they all go to staff first. Anyway, good luck!

i was on the site a few days ago and this offer was on then so i dont fancy anyones chances of any still being left


Voted cold as these never arrive.


Voted cold as these never arrive.

Same here

voted colder than a Siberian winter

thanks for the post no mater if this turns up ot not

voted hot and rep


I was going to post this early this morning, but the offer finishes today (3rd) and I very much doubt theres not been over 100 participants already, so I didnt bother.

Two years ago we visited Tobermory, the place Balamory is filmed, beautiful, unspoilt place.

Lovely area

Original Poster

have to put a note here, ive so far got everyone that i have filled in!!!! although im still waiting for this one lol

I recieved this a couple of weeks ago it came with a inflatable yellow bus also recieved Charlie and Lola Mag with free stamper set .:)

We went to Tobermory a few years ago (where Balamory is filmed) it is a really quaint and beautiful place.
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