Free Balloon Release
Free Balloon Release

Free Balloon Release

My Balloon is a Free, Fun site . We release helium filled biodegradable latex balloons on your behalf.
Based in Barnsley South Yorkshire but would be happy to send a ticket for you to launch your own balloons.
Remember, this is a free service (while funds allow) but we are just dedicated to fun.

Enter your details above, its free, its easy and there are no catches - this is just for fun.

Enter name as a minimum but if you supply your email address we will notify you of the request received and if the balloon is found ! (we will NEVER use or pass on any details outside of the myballoon system)

The Name and a maximum of 200 letters of your Comments will be printed on the ticket but not the email address.


There is a big thing in the news at the moment about these type of things, from the RSPB & wildlife groups.

Apparent thousands of birds & certain wildlife suffer when they eat deflated ballons of get them trapped around their beaks.

This is somthing i had never thought about before until i saw it on the TV.

I know it seams a harmless bit of fun - but it got me thinking when i saw the TV & read the paper & i personaly feel the the cons certainly out weigh the pros.

Sorry but voted cold on what information i have seen in the news etc

Hope all the balloons land in my town centre and wipe out the local pigeon population

it does say bio degradeable thats a start everybody had ballons when they where growing up and they also had ballon releases back then and all the birds are still here now so why stop our children having fun

Yes i noticed it said bio degradeable '' but how long do they take to degrade?''

I have two children myself who love this sort of thing & at a recent summer fair the PTA decided to have one of these events. At the very same time the children where doing a big nature project, & it was children power that got the event stopped (their choice not the adults)

I loved this sort of thing at school myself 25 years ago & i am certainly not a eco warrior but any means.

I do not wish to start a debate over this (wrong place to do it) & was just explaining why i voted it cold.

I don't want to stop children having fun - infact if you look at the huge sporting events around the world where they let off these ballons just for show, then maybe if just they were stopped the problem would go away.

> why stop our children having fun
Because we now recognise the environmental damage they cause.
When I was young (probably when you were, too) it was OK for people to
smoke cigarettes with children around. Just because something was done in the
past, when we didn't know any better is no excuse for doing it now.

Also, there's not even that much "fun" involved. You simply fill in a form
and someone else releases a balloon for you. You don't get to see it or
take part.
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