Free Bamboo software for your ipad till end of June.

Free Bamboo software for your ipad till end of June.

Found 21st Jun 2011
Try Wacoms first app for the Ipad for free till June 30th then the price goes to £1.19

Haven't tried it myself as I'm an Ipad hater but i like to share the love and bridge the gap.....

I think they will want people to buy the style pen but its free so it cant hurt to have a go!…=en

Stuff from the website
Turn your iPad into a paperless communication tool with Bamboo Stylus.

Enjoy the ease of your own natural handwriting as you sketch your thoughts on a neat digital paper notebook.

Quickly scan your book by browsing through thumbnail images of your pages or bookmark important pages.

Connect your iPad to a projector to show off your sketches and ideas to others at meetings or brainstorm sessions.

Send an individual page or an entire book by e-mail.

Pick your favourite colour for the book cover and select a paper type to match your needs.


Just downloaded it and tried. much better stylish font and slim lines.. easy flow when you write. good find. Thanks. Heat added

Great! Only if i had a ipad

Not sure what I will use it for, but I've downloaded it. Thanks for the tip
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