Free battery for your smoke alarm (Residents in Scotland only)
Free battery for your smoke alarm (Residents in Scotland only)

Free battery for your smoke alarm (Residents in Scotland only)

A smoke alarm that works can save lives. It can give you vital lifesaving seconds to escape if you have a fire in your home. But a smoke alarm with a flat battery - or no battery at all - won't work.

This is a free reminder service, sponsored by Energizer, who will help you to remember to check your battery regularly. Register today, and you'll be sent a free smoke alarm battery. And every six months, you'll be sent a reminder to check your smoke alarm battery. If it doesn't work, fit a new one!

Smoke alarms work. But only if they have a battery that works.

The Scottish Exectutive have 500 FREE batteries for your smoke alarms. Just fill out the form below and theyll send you your battery, simple!

* The Scottish Executive does not accept responsibility for the safe working of smoke alarms fitted with a free Energizer battery

**Please note, this Energizer promotion is only available to residents of Scotland.


Thought id give this a try even though i didnt live in scotland (lincolnshire!)
It arrived this morning, so get your orders in quick!

I got mine too this morning and I live in Bedfordshire!
Many thanks Premier

Glad im not the only one who gave it a try then

Hey, it's a free batery and a good reminder to change the battery in your smoke alarm.

Joshanna and Simate, how Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire managed to join Scotland, can Bristol do the same, I know it's far but it's much cheaper to live in Scotland...lol

Im sure bristol can join us in scotland too

I got mine on friday morning, its now stopped that bloomin bleeping evry 5 min now lol

I havent used mine as my smoke alarm isnt that old so the batterys fine, i also check it at least once a week.

mine arrived today. not Energizer but a good one
...i live in bristol (not Scotland) ..!

Got mine yesterday - not Energizer, some blue label. Seems that you will also be reminded every 6 months in the post.
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