Free Baymax Avatar Item *Xbox*

Free Baymax Avatar Item *Xbox*

Found 14th Dec 2014
You can download a Free Baymax Item by watching the advert for Disney's Big Hero 6 Movie.

1. Find the Meet Baymax ad on the Xbox Dashboard.
2. Watch the short advert.
3. Download your free Big Hero 6 Item.

I think this is only available on Xbox 360, could someone please confirm whether this is available on Xbox One?



I couldn't find it on 360

tip to keep refreshing your xbox tiles, press the guide button and hold rb (i think) and press Y if its not rb then its rt

not on the 360 !!!!

All my ads stuck on Currys buy an Xbox One

Big hero 6 is amazing. Saw it on the opening night while on holiday in America!

Just browse the avatar store it's free

Just got this, it's really cute. Thanks for the heads up.
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