Free bayonet bulbs instore @ B&Q - Glasshoughton

Free bayonet bulbs instore @ B&Q - Glasshoughton

LocalFound 19th Sep 2017
B&Q Glasshoughton/Castleford/Junction32 are giving away a free 3 pack of Halogen eco bulbs , don't know if it's nationwide or not
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Can't get better then a freebie Heat
I've still got loads of Philips ES bulbs from when B&Q were giving them away about 10 years ago, but the light they produce is pretty crap.
These look much better.

Surely these will cost you in electric over the lifetime of the bulb compared to LED's?

I switched to all LEDs after listening to a Naked Scientist Podcast (story and link here)
They were £1 last monthbought quite a few
I've seen few other bulbs free at B&Q Watford last weekend.
Guess they're clearing all halogen stock!…ow/

As per GlentoranMark I'm also 100% LED.
"Free" is one of my favourite words. But you'd have to pay me to take these.
A false economy to use these even if they are free. You'll save a tonne of money with LED. So worth paying money to go LED.
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I have no idea why anyone would want these, I took out 8x50w halegen bulbs from my kitchen and reeplaced them with 8x4w led

400w down to 32w
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Just googled Halogen eco bulbs as i obviously didn't know much about them........ It seems that these bulbs aren't anywhere near as good as i thought they were.
Gonna be LED for me now to replace the CFL bulbs i've been using.
I too have LED throughout, Philips Hues to be precise , but they were free and Christmas is coming !!! Ha ha ha
Seriously these would only be used as temporary emergency replacement, as stated above it would appear B&Q are clearly getting rid of obsolete stock .
32041403-GGBeA.jpgWhere do you fit them on?
Seriously they should ban the sale of these outdated bulbs from an environmental point of view. Seriously aesthetics, I am sure not many people still use gas lamps anymore after all they are nice too look at. LED and all their possibilities is the way to go. I have all LED bulbs save a tonne of money and cant remember the last time I had to replace one of them. Yes I agree they perhaps look a little harsh but I prefer them over the tungsten crappy yellow light.
Disregarding the environment crap LED bulbs are, 2 quid each and these are free. Grab them while you can. Even if they stay in the cupboard for emergency, they are worth it. I hope they have some left this weekend when I look.
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