Free BBC Comedy DVD - Complete a comprehension exercise!

Free BBC Comedy DVD - Complete a comprehension exercise!

Found 2nd Dec 2006
Stumbled across this when looking for some help for my daughter. Little to no info on the content of this but you can just make out John Cleese, Fletcher and the Kumars in the image.

Simply complete one of the comprehension exercises on the site (won't do any harm for your gerenal skills) and submit your details. Not sure how many you need to get right for the form to appear but anyone getting these wrong won#t be able to work their DVD player properly anyway.


I got 1 wrong but still got the offer of the free dvd (I can't believe I got one wrong!)

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Ha Ha, excellent. I got 1 wrong also by just not reading the question properly. Anyone who doesn't get the offer of the DVD should post here so the rest of us can point and laugh for being a 'thicky'

I just blazed through a quiz for a laugh and only got one right. Still got the offer of the dvd though

football! havent got a clue but still got 5 right on guesses. Sent for the DVD.

got 10/10 on the family tips quiz! My dvd is on the way! Thanks for this!

thanks! just ordered my dvd!!!

I got 4/10 right on the world cup one lol!


i did the adverb one.... i don't know anything about football

I got 10 out of 10 and I'm blonde!! Hooray for blondes!!:giggle:

Nice one - Thanks.

Nice one. Mine arrived today. Will give it a watch when i feel like it!

Got one wrong but was still able to order the DVD. Nice one. Thanks. :giggle:

I actually received this too. :-D Thanks.

got mine ;-)

Great thanks for this

This dvd isn't worth the time

It has very short comedy clips and they ask really stupid comprehension questions during the clip which take ages to answer.

Don't order It
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