Free BBQr's Wood Smoking Pellets!

Free BBQr's Wood Smoking Pellets!

Found 15th Oct 2008
Essential BBQ is giving you the chance to obtain a free pack of BBQr's Wood Smoking Pellets!
Smoke pellets yield a more intense smoke quicker than wood chips to penetrate the food with flavour. The pellets then seal the food, locking in the flavour and natural juices for a more delicious taste.
Because the pellets are concentrated, it takes fewer of them than wood chips to achieve the same amount of flavouring. Only 1/3 cup of pellets is needed for most smoking or grilling, versus 5-10 times that amount of wood chips. Pellets save you money by providing flavour at less cost.
health conscious consumers are grilling and smoking more than ever before as a quick and easy way to prepare low-salt, grease-free food. BBQ'n with 100% real wood flavouring pellets add healthy fun and delicious to outdoor eating.…php



they do not come ever

i have applied twice

Same here


they do not come everi have applied twice

me 2:x


Agreed, don't waste your time folks, this freebie does not materialise as I have also tried in the past.

agree sent away for this never came!!!

Well I cant hurt to try it .....can it?

Mine Never Turned Up Either!!

worth a try
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