Found 8th May 2013
A huge joint effort by 38 Degrees members and campaigners across Europe resulted in a ban on bee killing pesticides. Great news, but bees need the right environment to flourish. And that means flowers! Lots of them.

We’re a nation of gardeners and many of us probably do our bit for the bees without realising it. But with a bit more collective effort we could do a great deal more. Hence the great 38 Degrees seed giveaway! If tens of thousands of us fill whatever outside space we have access to with bee friendly flowers, we could tip the balance in favour of our little pollinating friends.

We’ve chosen seeds of native British wildflowers, a mix of white clover, red campion and selfheal. The pollen of these wildflowers are Michelin starred as far as bees are concerned! And they’re easy to grow too.

Your seeds should be delivered within three weeks. If they don’t arrive please do drop us a line on

This does mean more bees in your garden...
- Sanchit
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38 degrees are interfering buggers.

heat though as theyre free, even though they wont work
Similar, if not indentical, to the free seeds being given away by Co-op.
Damn, just posted this as well. Didn't see yours. Have some heat.
Thanks. Heat added :-)
Heat added
Thanks for sharing
thank you
voted cold,i dont like bees
Thanks. Heat added. I'm just a little concerned that with all these free bee friendly seeds I won't be able to get in my house for the swarms of bees that will be in my garden.
Great offer, thanks Grill, can't wait for my seeds to arive!
Have some heat this deal is BUZZZZZING
we need the bees soooo much, yay to free seeds
I hate bees and run like Usain Bolt when I see one near me, I know however that they are very important to our eco sysyem; I've already received several packets of bee-friendly plant seeds and plan to get them in the ground asap.
Just ordered - what a good idea. Thank you for posting
One of (very) few freebies i actually received. Hot (again)!
excellent thanks, heat added x

Thank you for registering for a pack of wildflower seeds. The response to the offer took us a little by surprise! Tens of thousands of people signed up for the free seeds, and the 38 Degrees office team received lots of requests.

Unfortunately, due to this extraordinary demand, our existing supplies ran out. As it said on the webpage, we prioritised existing members. According to the information we’ve got, it looks like you weren’t already a 38 Degrees member when you signed up for the seeds - and that means that we are unable to send you any seeds this time.
offer expired, as above post
I have tried to expire.

Please advise.

Thank you
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