FREE Belt Wear Gauge @ Serpentine Belt Diagnostics

FREE Belt Wear Gauge @ Serpentine Belt Diagnostics

Found 15th Feb 2012
Not sure if this works but worth a shot for free, the online form allows you to select United Kingdom and enter details. I've completed the form and received a message:

"Thank you for ordering your FREE belt wear gauge!"

Wait n see.

"According to the Car Care Council, one out of five vehicles needs a new belt. That’s an astounding fact when you consider that there are over 240 million vehicles on the road today, according to R.L. Polk & Co.

Since the late 1990s, auto manufacturers have phased out Neoprene belts and begun installing EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) belts on new models. With this new belt construction comes a new era of diagnosing belt wear.

EPDM is a superior technology with better performance characteristics but, like any wear part, these belts don’t last forever. It can be harder to detect when these new belts are worn, because as EPDM belts age, they don’t show wear the same way as Neoprene.

To help you accurately diagnose belt wear in EPDM belts, Gates has developed a Belt Wear Gauge so you can determine the appropriate time for belt replacement."
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I was looking at this and it says available to the 50 states. I applied anyway because I don't know where to buy one.

I think this may only apply to US residents, but I've filled the form in away and see what happens.
Came on to say it says available to 50 US states and found I would just be repeating what others have written.................................. Sod it, I'm going to post anyway, I'm here now and I've filled it in anyway!
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