Free Benefit lipgoss worth £13 with Glamour magazine which is £2 !!

Free Benefit lipgoss worth £13 with Glamour magazine which is £2 !!

Found 5th Jun 2008Made hot 5th Jun 2008
Buy glamour magazine (july 2008) and every copy comes with a free Benefit Her Glossiness lipgloss worth £13. There are 3 shades to choose from, this is my first post so apoligies if i have done this wrong!


Welcome to HUKD kizz83

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Welcome to HUKD kizz83


I don't normally buy magazines but will do for the lipgloss.


i wish them voucher things where still flying aorund for extra points at whsmiths

anyway excellant first post, heat and rep added and a very warm welcome to hukd:thumbsup:

The missus will like this...

Bin the magazine and pretend i bought her a gift thats me in the good books

Quick question,is there a voucher in the magazine to be taken to a store to get the lipgloss or is it inside the bad?Thanks in advance.

This was posted in FREEBIES earlier...just saying. Voted HOT (again).

Does anyone know if this is a voucher to redeem or if it is actually with the mag??

Thanks :-)

Thankyou very much!! I just hope my local store has some left!!

Thanks again!xx

To all those who asked, it's on the magazine, I had mine through the post this morning.

Brilliant first post!

I'm going to go and get one! Rep & heat added, thanks

Oh typical!!! If only i knew this yesterday just treated myself to a new clarins lip gloss, not happy:x will prob get this too though voted Hot!!

wow, i love benefit stuff and it costs me a fortune great news

Excellent, I love beneift make up, does anyone know what the colours are?

From 'Freebie' Post

Colours are

my people , your people - kind of clear with a hint of lilic
didnt here it from me - pinky / orange
who are you wearing - bright pink

Great post voted hot hot hot

I just got 2, sadly they were opened but the lip glosses were still there-I think people had only opened them to see the colours of the tubes inside.

Thanks ever so much once again, I go away tomorrow for a week so would have missed this deal-THANKYOU!!!

just bought three identical mags to get all three colours. Fab deal - boys, you will get brownie points if you give your missus' one of these.

will be off to whsmith first thing tomorrow! thanks, heat & rep added

I got mine this morning too.

Sent a text to all my friends telling them of the deal.

What a great deal :thumbsup:

Thanks will be getting me one of those:thumbsup:

my girlfriend just bought a dozen mags for her four daughters so apologies anyone in the Brighton area who missed out!

Great find! Thanks

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Quick question,is there a voucher in the magazine to be taken to a store … Quick question,is there a voucher in the magazine to be taken to a store to get the lipgloss or is it inside the bad?Thanks in advance.

Hi ya ,no voucher the lipgoss is actually atached to the magazine.

heat n rep added thanks:thumbsup::-D

fab ...

Great post. The missus will be very interested in this.

Just got the Mrs one of each.

Brownie points for Bored Accountant.........;-)

Great, copied my sis, gf, mates, etc. Something for the weekend madam?! :-)


Thanks for that- I'm gonna get one tomorrow when I go shopping! I love Benefit!:thumbsup: Heat added and Rep. Welcome to HUKD!

going out in a min will get a couple one for me and one for me!!!!!
thanks Great Post:-D


got one of each colur today, must say there really isnt that much difference in either of them, bargain 3 £13 pound lip glosses for £6 and a couple of mags for daughter and friends

just got back, only had 2 but they were different so bought both, i do like the pink shimmer one!!!!
im happy:-D

this is great i got the mag today tote just for the lip gloss, im gonna buy two more so I have each colour as they all seem pretty decent. will leave a mag at work and bin the other, but all is good 3 lip glosses for £6!!!

Got mine today, its lovely

thanks for this, they only had two colours in my shop so I bought them, but I wanted the pink (typical) so will get another when out & about at weekend. brilliant find!

got the pink one today, had to search loads of shops first.

Thanks. Got two in Tesco's earlier. They only had ones with "my people, your people" and "who are you wearing?" so I am now on the look out for the third colour!
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