Free Bet @ Ladbrokes
Free Bet @ Ladbrokes

Free Bet @ Ladbrokes

This is a totally free bet, other than the time and effort spent going to your nearest betting office. No requirement to bet on another event to qualify.

Man City v West Brom
Newcastle v Arsenal
Tottenham v Bolton
Everton v Blackpool
Wigan v Blackburn

Predict the score in these 5 matches for these matches due to take place Saturday 5th February and you can win £5,000

If you get at least 1 correct but dont manage the full 5 you can still take your betting slip back to store to enter it into a prize draw for £5,000

*Over 18 only
*One free bet per customer per week
* Entry must be in by 3pm Saturday 5th Feb.
*Rights reserved to payout on a pro rata basis should the total payout exceed £100,000.

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