Found 14th Apr 2008Made hot 14th Apr 2008
A copy of the Bible, absolutely free.
Just scroll to bottom of page and fill in name, postal address and e-mail details.
A good read!


Bibles are normally suprisingly expensive, so this is great!
an inspirational read.

I paid for mine too.... I couldn't live without mine!

Give it a never know....

Good find. May not be for everyone but free to everyone! We can also do without the denigrating comments thank you. Christianity is still the predominant faith in the UK and even if you do not believe, find out for yourself by reading this...

Please start a thread in the Miscellaneous forum if you want to discuss religion as disagreements and arguements here aren't appropriate, it's a deal thread... Thanks.

great find.

will this turn into a debate like mac vs pc? christianity vs jewish? haha

Not a christian but would be interesting reading.

It is a good read.
Great fiction book, sold much more than harry potter to date, only just though.

Loads of places to get a free bible. got one in school

The deal is no longer there. Religions are not built on freebies. :-D

the church of latter day saints always have free bible offers

Good GOD thats cheap:)

y expired?

o it is expired yeh. the site does not load


o it is expired yeh. the site does not load

helps to have IT support.
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