Free Big Brain Academy for Wii with free trial!
Free Big Brain Academy for Wii with free trial!

Free Big Brain Academy for Wii with free trial!

First post so be nice if i've done something silly!

With a 10 day free trial before 17/1/08 - you must have 5 games in your queue, recieve once and send it back within 10 day, or else its £9.99/£14.99 a month. Game delivered in 30 days apparently. As advertised in the official Nintendo magazine, Jan edition.



what with Christmas/new years post, it might be a problem trying to get things returned on time...

Make sure that you send ALL games back via post office and get proof of postage - any losses are the responsibility of the renter!

You have been warned

I did this 14 day trial...then was conned into another month's trial as they sent a game before I could cancel. Been 6 weeks so far and no free brain training game either ,,,,,, be careful!

i did this and recieved one game and cancelled it in time but never recieved the free wii game. the company is ****.

i am waiting for my free game they meant to email everyone this week who is waiting for free game .just have to wait and see if they do but i not heared from anyone yet who has had it.

I signed up on the 1st Dec it has been over 30 days still no Big Brain Academy....has anyone else received it yet?

I have sent an email, but am still awaiting a response

I emailed last week and got following response:

We are still waiting to receive stock. We will inform you when this has arrived.



Paul Stevens

Customer Care Support

address: Swapgame.com Ltd, Coventry, UK

Avoid like the plague...... entered a similar offer on xbox360 2 months ago. Still no sign of my free 3-month xbox live.

Several e-mails sent and responded to, but still no free xbox live. T&c's do not say account has to be live so suspended mine after receiving and sending back the rentals on the day of receipt. Still in suspension as opposed to being cancelled and no trial received.


Hi bods,

Just received this email in reply to my query about the game.


Thanks for your email.

We are waiting for a stock order from our suppliers for this game and there is a backlog of members who have qualified. As soon as we receive stock, we will be sending this out to all qualifying members. We expect our delivery by the end of next week.

Kind regards


So I live in hope :thumbsup:
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