Free bike workshops for Kids this Summer @ Halfords

Free bike workshops for Kids this Summer @ Halfords

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Something else to keep them busy this summer!

Taken from the link in the e-mail they sent me:

This Summer we're holding free bike workshops to show 7 to 11 year olds the basics of things to check on their bike.
Spaces are limited so click on the button to book your place

Halfords will be running a free bike workshop to show 7 to 11 year olds basic bike maintenance such as how to fix a puncture, how to put a chain back on, how to adjust a saddle and basic bike safety.


Cool! Child labour. I bet the kids would do a better job of fitting radios and MOT services than normal staff.

my grandson went last year when he was seven and loved it

I'm having a problem getting the booking page to load. Anyone else the same? I guess it's busy with the number of bookings.


my grandson went last year when he was seven and loved it

This has been running for a Number of Years apparently? .. I wish i'd have known of this when I was wayyyyyyy Younger still ..... :-(

Lol. :-)

Kids would probably do a better job,

Halfords so called trained staff, couldn't even sort out my gears
on a new bike,in the end they refunded me my £20,
and i took across the road to a rival local bike dealer, who sorted it, no problem!

Not saying they are all bad, but my local one, i would never ever use again!

This is a great idea... I do my own bike servicing, so can't comment on how good, or not good the Halfords technicians are, but anything to help along junior riders is a good thing in my book...

still unable to book anyone managed to get through booking page? ...

Original Poster

yep i managed no problem

Great initiative!

done thanks

Great both boys booked. Bout time they started learning to maintain their own bikes. Thanx OP

Jeez guys and girls. Two things in life you should know

1) don't take a bike to be repaired at halfords
2) don't take a PC to be repaired at PC world

Once you get over those two you'll be set up for life

Think this is a great idea. Shame i'm at work
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