Free Bikes for New members @ JJB !
Free Bikes for New members @ JJB !

Free Bikes for New members @ JJB !

New Members:

FREE Bike for all NEW members paying a full 12 month peak or off peak membership upfront. Offer includes No Joining Fee!

Available at ALL JJB Fitness Clubs except Leeds and Dundee. Click the banner link above now to take advantage of this limited offer.

Current Members:

Recommend a friend for this offer or any membership over this weekend and you will receive a FREE Months Membership!.

The Wheel Deal Bring A Friend Weekend 26th - 29th October


no bad

but no jjb in mk....

What kind of bike is it????
After a session in the gym, i'd need a HONDA!!!


Original Poster

Please follow the link for details mate


Please follow the link for details mate

Link doesn't give any details mate

Not available in Leeds or Dundee? I Live in Leeds thats not fair was looking to join a gym aswell, wouold have been good to get a free bike. :x

link doesnt work


Over £300 for off-peak membership, over £400 for peak membership per annum.

Probably better to just buy a bike and you probably won't need the gym ;-)

There's bikes, and then there's bikes..... I would not be in the least surprised if this is one of the "and then there's bikes" ones.
Better to spend £150 on a half decent bike and go for a 10 mile ride once a week. You'll get as much as you would out of the gym, see some real scenery and save a bit of money. And have a decent bike too.
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