Free Bingo week @ foxybingo.com
Free Bingo week @ foxybingo.com

Free Bingo week @ foxybingo.com

£1000's in jackpots that must be won everyday, and its all for free!!!!



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well it speaks for itself!!

Free Bingo Week
Monday 25th August to Sunday 31st August from 10am to 10pm EVERY Day
Here at Foxy Bingo we are already renowned for our generous jackpots and fabulous rewards. And now we bring you the ultimate gift .... Free Bingo!! Every day between Monday 25th August and Sunday 31st August visit our Free For All bingo room under the 75 ball tab in the lobby.

There are games playing every hour, on the hour, with jackpots from £50 up to £1,000.

Check below for the full schedule. And remember, these are REAL cash prizes, and the cards are FREE. So don't miss out!

PLEASE NOTE: You can purchase cards for games in the Free for All game room and still play in our other bingo rooms whilst you wait for the free game to start.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: To help us combat fraud you must comply with our minimum withdrawal requirements before withdrawing any cash prize. If you have to make a cash deposit to meet these requirements you can then withdraw this cash deposit with your cash prize. See our Free Bingo Terms and Conditions for further details.

Part of T&Cs:

1.2 Whilst we describe the free bingo games promoted as “free” we do require you to register with us and to be responsible for the associated cost of using the Internet when participating.

1.3 We use the words "free bingo" in the sense that you do not need to deposit money with us to purchase a bingo card and participate.

1.4 If you win in the "Free For All" room you may redeem your winnings for cash by providing us with your debit/credit card details, provided you have a minimum amount of £30 in your account and have previously funded your account with a cash deposit of at least £5. The minimum £5 cash deposit can then be withdrawn along with any cash prize.

If I don't deposit £5 until I win (ha,ha) will I still get the cash do you think?
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