Free Binifresh Starter Kit
Free Binifresh Starter Kit

Free Binifresh Starter Kit

they're on the look out to find people to trial their revolutionary Binifresh product. Say goodbye to your smelly, infested wheelie bin. Welcome Binifresh. For your chance to get a free Binifresh starter kit, simply fill out the quick and easy form.


gave it a go, cheers :thumbsup:


"For your chance to get a free Binifresh starter kit, simply fill out the quick and easy form below. "
This is a competition, not a freebie


Is anyones bin that bad that they would need this????

We’re looking for 100’s of people to trial our Binifresh product. All you need to do is register and each week we’ll email those who have been randomly selected with details of how to claim their free product. Already purchased a Binifresh product from ASDA? You can sign-up too and still be in with a chance of winning.

Special offer terms and conditions

1.This competition is open to all residents in the UK and Republic of Ireland, over 18 years of age, excluding employees of Bini Products Ltd. and any agencies professionally associated with this promotion, who complete registration on the offers.binifresh.com website between the period of 26th December 2009 and 26th February 2010.
2.Entrants do not need to buy anything to enter the competition and register but if selected, will need to purchase the product from ASDA in order to receive their cash back.
3.Registrations received each week will be entered into a draw and the first 10 entries randomly selected. The selected winners will be emailed details of how to claim their free Binifresh product.
4.Winners will be required to purchase the Binifresh product from their nearest ASDA store using the voucher in order to redeem the cash back offer.
5.Winners will need to enter their product receipt details at offers.binifresh.com to receive a cheque for the value of Binifresh product purchase.
6.There will be a prize draw every Friday for 8 weeks from January 15th 2010 until February 26th 2010.

Maybe not that great ..it is a comp that if you win you have to outlay toget back a cheque to get the money back :?

Whatever next.

Thanks, but no thanks


Welshy x


voted hot for the lulz.

Looking for 100's
Am I wrong - but if they choose 10 people each week for 8 weeks.... thats 80 people will be able to go to asda and BUY one of these and claim a cheque - so unless you shop at asda and goto your bank you will also have to go to the bank and cash the cheque...

So much hassle :-)

interesting enterprise. wonder what's going to happen with it. heat added

entered for this and received an e-mail yesterday saying owing to demand i would not be picked for this but could purchase it at asda for 9.99 my bin is bad i live in a masionette top floor and have no way of cleaning it other than trudge up an down stairs 5 or 6 times with buckets of water i do put bin fresh in it though :oops::oops:
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