Free BitDefender Internet Security 2013

Free BitDefender Internet Security 2013

Found 11th Jun 2013
BitDefender Internet Security 2013 1 year subscription must use a
Australian proxies {info how to bottom of 1st link page]…es/…=AU

Now in the Google Chrome address bar, paste the URL…php

{don't forget to turn off the proxy and revert to your normal settings}



Works for me, thanks



Shall we all just list alternatives?

Microsoft Security Essentials wins hands-down for me. I don't care what AV-Test says.

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every body has there own preference {nelifex} but come on Microsoft Security Essentials
sucks big time google it ?? microsoft security essentials reviews 2013

{stopped only a shocking 67% of zero-day threats in AV-Test’s detection tests, and even missed 10% of more established threats. This isn’t what we’d call peace of mind.}

Calm down calm down
Don't get so het up over your deal son..Its only a free antivirus

And anyway any site that rates Nortons 5.5 out of 6 isn't worth the ether or bandwidth its using!
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