FREE Black & Decker Dustbuser with Tesco Bank Home and Car Insurance

FREE Black & Decker Dustbuser with Tesco Bank Home and Car Insurance

Found 23rd May 2012
Eligibility - Phone and Internet

•All New business, Clubcard customers, who quote and buy a Tesco Home Insurance/ Car Insurance policy on the phone direct from Tesco Bank or on between 23 May and 3 July 2012 are eligible for a free Black and Decker Dustbuster.
•There is no requirement to enter a promo code all eligible customers will be picked up
•Dustbuster will only be awarded to the named Clubcard holder
•One Dustbuster per eligible policy purchased
•This offer can be proactively promoted over the phone.


•Existing customers
•Non-clubcard customers
•Purchases via all price comparison websites (including quotes originating from them) are excluded (including Tesco Compare)
•If the policy is cancelled within the first 14 days we reserve the right not to issue the Dustbuster

Fulfilment of the offer

1.The policyholder will be sent (by post) a URL and a unique claim code within 6 weeks of purchase of a Tesco Home/Car Insurance policy. In order to claim your offer you will need to log on using this URL to redeem and arrange delivery. You must do this online and you must redeem by 24 October 2012.
2.Delivery of the Dustbuster will be to the policyholder’s address only and will be free of charge.
3.If the policy is cancelled within the first 14 days, you will not receive the offer.
4.Tesco Bank reserves the right to substitute the Dustbuster advertised with another of a similar specification or provide the customer with a cash equivalent amount.
5.A one year manufacturer warranty will be provided for the Dustbuster.
6.Tesco Bank accepts no liability for issues arising with the item post dispatch.
7.There is no cash alternative and the offer is non-transferable.
If the policy is cancelled after 14 days but within the first 6 months Tesco Bank reserves the right to request the return of the Dustbuster
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