Free Blackberry T-Mobile PAYG Sim Card - inc 6mths free BB service, Unltd Text and Internet £10

Free Blackberry T-Mobile PAYG Sim Card - inc 6mths free BB service, Unltd Text and Internet £10

Found 17th Jun 2011
Bring your BlackBerry to T-Mobile and get
six months free internet
and BlackBerry Mail
Plus, get free UK minutes or texts, or international minutes, just for topping up £10 each month on one of our three great pay as you go plans.…ds/
Great for anyone that was getting FREE Blackberry Messenger on Vodafone which ends at the end of June

Get unlimited free UK texts when you top up just £10 each month. You simply top up a tenner one month and get your free texts the next. Better still, that tenner will still be yours to spend on minutes, internet or whatever you fancy. Think your thumbs are up to it?

Plus, as soon as you make your first £10 top up, we'll give you an extra 100 free texts to use straight away – just to get you started

Get 100 free minutes to call UK mobiles and landlines at any time when you top up just £10 each month. There's no catch.

Get this: 100 free anytime minutes to UK mobiles and landlines

When you do this: Top up £10 a month

Get always-low rates on international calls from the UK and an extra 60 minutes for free every month when you top up a tenner.

Get this: 60 free international minutes

When you do this: Top up £10 a month

PLUS: really low rates on calls from the UK to abroad, however much you top up


Blackberry only.

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It was more about the Blackberry Messenger really that it works out good because Vodafone gave it free until end of June 2011 and are then charging it to PAYG customers at £5 a month so for an extra fiver you get any of the above deals. Not bad for free txts on top and internet for my daughter. Daren't let her have a contract!!!

Thanks for posting this.
Ordered one to use after vodafone's free BIS ends at end of month.

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Mine still not arrived. Will give it to the end of the week and then have to do it again if nothing comes of it. C'mon T Mobile!!!

Does this deal include usage of BlackBerry Messenger for free?

Got mine...and had a hell of a time setting it up.

T-mobile customer service in Phillipines is worse than the Indian call centers. The Fillipino people might have have more better accents but dont know anything T-mobile services. Different people told me different things and I dont know who to believe.

Anyways I think I have sorted it out now.

I thought BBM was free anyway? as long as you are using ur data allowance? Am I wrong then?
My girlfriend is gettin the blackberry 9300 tomorrow from phones 4 u, 100 mins, 500 texts and 500mb of internet with £150 instant cashback.
Will she be charged an extra £5 a month for BBM?

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Hi, Blackberry messenger is not free on PAYG as far as I am aware anywhere. Vodafone did it for free until 30th June (which was what I had) BUT now they charge you £5 a month. I have had this sim card now and get for free for 6 months and also free internet. It was a 10 min phone call to set it up and change over our phone number etc but well worth it. FOr the first top up you get just your £10 credit but when we top up next its free unlimited txts as well and then we can use the £10 credit. Great for my daughter as she now has internet, BBM, Unlimited txts and also the £10 for calls and best of all, no contract.

I hope after the 6 months is up another similar deal comes by like this
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