Free BlanX Whitening Toothpaste worth £6.99
If you would like to receive a free tube of paste and take part in the BlanX 30-Day Challenge then please call the hotline on 0121 362 4060 for more information.

Click 'Go To Deal' for original offer details.

Also, complete the online survey to enter a competition to win a years supply of BlanX Whitening toothpaste.


shall give them a call, thanks

Phone just rings - no answer

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If you let it ring longer you should get through to an answerphone where you leave your details to register :thumbsup: !

Unable to leave message as memory full, voted cold and expired.

Rings and rings then rings out.
Have entered comp on line so fingers crossed i win :-D

Have done it online ... lets hope fingers crossed ..

Entered, thank you, heat applied :thumbsup:

This is great toothpaste, usually £6.99. I use it all the time. Have recently stocked up on it as Saisnburys were doing it for around £4 (third off) Definitely makes your teeth seem brighter and your mouth feels much cleaner when compared to the likes of Colgate or Aquafresh
ETA: Yeah, it goes onto answerphone if you let it ring, where you can leave your details. I have entered online though.

cheers, entered online


Memory full

thanks just entered online voted hot. heres hoping.

Innkeeper's Lodge guarantees that the information you provide will be strictly confidential and at no time in the future will it be passed on to any other organisation. Entrants must be aged 18 years or over. Employees, their families or agents of Innkeeper's Lodge, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies and franchises are not eligible to participate in this promotion. This competition closes on 20th May 2008. The winner will be notified by email no later than 22/05/2008. No correspondence will be entered into. Only one entry per household will be allowed, multiple entries will be excluded. No purchase necessary to enter this promotion. No cash alternative is available and no prizes will be exchanged. Winners details can be obtained by sending a Stamped Addressed Envelope (SAE) marked 'Blanx Competition' to Innkeeper's Lodge Reservations, Queens Bridge, 18 Dundee Road, Perth PH2 7AB.

its some stupid competition.

not a freebie

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its some stupid competition.not a freebie

If you see above the 'Complete Survey' button there is the option to sign up to the BlanX 30-Day Challenge by calling the number above and in doing so you get a free tube of BlanX toothpaste.


Memory full

Typical! Couldn't they get an answerphone with a decent memory :roll: !

use this currently and it does work. Always good to get a free sample though - here's hoping a years supply is on it's way!!!

Entered the comp. Will try and ring during the week. Hot!

will try phoning on monday see if they have freed uo their answer machine, thanks

Hi everyone,
Apologies that you have had trouble getting through to the hotline. We have cleared it several times today but we have had a large number of calls coming through. The answer machine is currently empty so please do try again!

The BlanX Team

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It appears to be full again :roll: ! Is there any chance of reducing the number of rings when calling the answerphone?

Memory full still

We have been having literally hundreds of calls and are now asking people to apply to take part in the 30-Day Challenge by emailing their details to [email protected].

It is also worth noting that this promotion is to take part in the 30-Day Challenge and receive a free tube of paste. In order to take part in the 30-Day Challenge you will need to fill in an application form and send us a 'before' picture.

This is not a promotion to automatically receive a free tube of paste without taking part in the challenge.

Many thanks,

The BlanX Team

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This offer has now been updated. You can now apply via email. See new offer here:

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