Free Blox Game With A Chance To Win Prizes @ Nerf Games
Free Blox Game With A Chance To Win Prizes @ Nerf Games

Free Blox Game With A Chance To Win Prizes @ Nerf Games

A cool game to download and if you come first seconf or third you get prizes!!

From their website:

The prizes are as follows, stop.

For the Gentleman or Madam who obtains the most exalted spot of becoming the Place of First to prove their worth over their fellow fellows, will obtain One (1) copy of the previously noted "Video Game", Two (2) very special and unique unlockable goodies inside of said "Video Game", and one (1) Award made especially for them inside the "Video Game", stop. Surely, a prize to prove ones properness with, stop.

For the proper person who obtains the not-so-exalted, but still quite dashing, Place of Second will obtain One (1) copy of the game, One (1) unlockable, and One (1) Award; for there is always those people not born to be truly proper, but still put on a damn good show, stop.

For the esteemed person who tried their best and was simply out-propered when ones push came to one's shove, they will still obtain the Place of Third, and receive One (1) copy of the game, and One (1) Award, stop. For some days, ones hair is a mess, ones monocle is smudged and one's top hat is crushed, but ones show must go on, stop.

All of the above extraordinary persons mentioned above also shall have the ability to make their own dashing little blob for the game, albeit we shall have to monitor the blobs that are created for this to ensure that they are truly proper and sporting.

Keep the horses well-fed and the handlebar moustaches well-waxed, fellow proper persons!


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BTW i just joined and im 13th on the list so isnt that hard a game

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The competition will run till 12 midday on Sunday.
There are 3 main prizes

1st Place : A copy of the game, two unique in-game unlockables, and an in-game award.
2nd Place : A copy of the game, one unique unlockable, and an in-game award.
3rd Place : A copy of the game, and an in-game award.

Also anyone who completes all 10 levels gets access to the games Alpha for free. Worth giving it a go
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