Free Blue Peter Thunderbirds Tracy Island fact sheet (Make your own)

Free Blue Peter Thunderbirds Tracy Island fact sheet (Make your own)

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Seen a couple of deals today for cheap thunderbirds vehicles so thought i’d remind folks about the Blue Peter Fact Sheet to make your Tracy Island. I have posted this in the past two years ago

This might be great bit of retro entertainment to keep the kids amused if your currently snowed in or stuck indoors with the bad weather.

Another added bonus is you could send in photo's of your creation to bluepeter for a badge and get free entry to loads of attractions. Bonus.

Have fun

Fact sheet…pdf

Blue peter badge info here…731

Thunderbird 1 £1.29 Argos…770

Thunderbird 3 £1.49 Argos…767

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Maaaan. I remember when this was on. We recorded it and watched it back to make it.
F. A. B.
When I was young I won a Tracy island from the derby evening telegraph. Needless to say when ‘it’ and a photographer turned up I wasnt impressed to be greeted with a homemade version which later got mite infested and required my bedroom to be fumigated.
Flashback. I think I tried to make it as a kid, really can't remember if we were successful or not. Wonder where you can get an old 1l fairy liquid bottle from.... Lol.
I remember building the turtles sewer lair back in the day💪
Tried to make it once, ended up being a paper mache green splodge. Maybe it's time to try again
Last time I tried to make an island playset out of paper mache it looked like a giant elephant turd
is anthea turner still hot?
I remember this x
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