FREE Bluetooth Headset with every Phone/Contract order on 3 (Three)!

FREE Bluetooth Headset with every Phone/Contract order on 3 (Three)!

Found 20th Mar 2007
I've been in the market for a contract. I was speaking to CS earlier and was given this code if I were to go ahead and place order.

"The code is BT20030723.. Please take this code down and enter this code in the 5th screen of shopping that is titled as ORDER CONFIRMATION screen. You will be prompted with a text box which is labelled as If you have a promotional code enter it here."

Don't forget to go through quidco for a whopping £100!
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I was with 3 once. Couldnt get away from them quick enough. The customer services was appauling. I wouldnt recommend anyone starts a 3 contract. But thats just my opinion.
On the other hand, been with 3 for past 7 months and CS fine for me, handled refunds fine on few things when needed and the 3g service is great. Some good deals to be had with them at the moment
Just to make people aware the £100 cashback through Quidco is not available on this tariff.
Just ordered a phone for the missus.

Added the code on the last page for the BT headset. No mention of it in the confirmation emails though. Went via Quidco. How long does it take to show up in 'My Earnings'?

Memory card offer ran out yesterday

Waited til near the end of the month in case April's deals are better and we can swop to that under the 14 day guarantee if need be.
Quidco showing up now £70 not £100. Signed up for the £15pm 675 tarrif. Still equivalent of nearly 5 months line rental free though
Used this link, first time on here buying. Phoned arrived as stated with bluetooth headset flash card and hopefully £30 credit as stated was referenced by relative with a Three number.
So, will wait and see what Quidco come up with as did via them.
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