Free BMIBaby Flight with BMI credit card

Free BMIBaby Flight with BMI credit card

Found 30th Jun 2008
This was posted before (over a year ago) and the link is broken to the old offer. They have restarted a very similar offer, click the go-to-deal button to see it.

Open a credit card and spend £100 in first 90 days, get a free return flight.
Spend over £3000 in a 12 month period, get another free return flight!


Nice one, shame I cant bare the thought of having loads of CR cards! Voted Hot

It's worth reading the T&Cs. In particular, bear in mind that you will have to pay taxes etc so I don't imagine that these flights are as free as one would like.

Did this 6 months or so ago. I got the "free" flight. Ok, you have to pay the airport taxes, fuel surcharge, baggage, card fee`s etc. But the biggest problem is the choice of flights. True, you can go anywhere anytime on the network......BUT..... only valid on a flight which is available AT THE LOWEST RATE.
To make it clear, only those flights which are advertised FROM £x.xx are included in the offer.
Any the citi card isn`t much good either in terms of rates etc.
Sorry, but first hand experience tells me VERY cold.

If you listen carefully - you can hear the Hoovers stirring.

Who will be the suckers this time? :-D :whistling: :-D :w00t:
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