free bob the builder magic paint book
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link now working - i missed out a _ sorry


Link not working:?



Many thanks:thumbsup:

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sorry try it now, iv changed it

Thanks. for that. my 4 year old will love it

Thanks signed up for my 2 year old.

Great. Thank you. Heat & rep added :thumbsup:


my kids not into bob the builder so ill not order one hopefully someone who really wants will get one but great find heat and rep from me

my son says thank you.......and so do i :thumbsup:

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you are all welcome, hope it arrives and you and your children enjoy

Ta, sons like Bob. Did make me laugh the bit about of you under 16, who over 16 would be signing up for it! haha

thanks v.much.
my son loves bob builder x


:thumbsup: Thanks Bambu.
My son will be v.v happy - he loves BTB!!

great stuff


thank you x

thank u from Kenny K (age 1) !

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thank u from Kenny K (age 1) !

aww you welcome Kenny K
Hope you enjoy it
fingers crossed it arrives soon for you

As usual, register details and recieve nowt! :x

me too
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