free bodyform sample
free bodyform sample

free bodyform sample

Simply fill in some information about yourself and we will send you a Bodyform product sample pack.

can see this listed already about 2 months ago but still on got my sample trho within 4 days super fast delivery


Just another freebie site to sign up to. (Shopfree)

Thanks for the direct link, I use a webmail (old freeserve account) to put on there, and I think nutrigrain has been the worst for spam, but Nivea is also pretty bad.

The freeserve email allows me to change the frontend so I can tell where the email has come from, and its amazing that reputable companies do this!
What the hell is a presentation, anyway??

What has everyone else put in the presentation bit??

thanks heat added! in the presentation bit i just mentioned my age and what im doing at the moment. not really sure what they wanted!!! what did everyone else write?

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