Free BOFFER with Free Delivery from 11:59pm 12/12/10
Free BOFFER with Free Delivery from 11:59pm 12/12/10

Free BOFFER with Free Delivery from 11:59pm 12/12/10

Free delivery is only available to Boffer twitter followers & Boffer`ers with this free delivery message

How to tweet from Boffer...note you must be able to tweet from Boffer to claim your free delivery so make sure it`s working: here`s how to do it

1. Log onto Boffer as normal.
2. Go to your profile page on Boffer - Top right hand corner of the screen - click on "My Profile"
3. There is a box which says "My Mini Blog & Twitter Updater"
4. There is another box which says "Update my Twitter status" - Tick this box
5. Type in a message, some thing like "Check out the daily deals on boffer.co.uk !!"
6. Click "Update My Blog" *you will be prompted to enter your Twitter username and Twitter password*
7. If your message appears on Twitter, our Twitter integration is working perfectly and you will be able to get free delivery during this weekend by using your Twitter username and password at the check out.

Make sure your twitter integration is working as you won`t get free delivery if it isn`t

1) Everything is FREE
2) Everything is FREE
3) Everything is FREE
4) Everything is FREE
5) Everything is FREE
The Sack of crap will also be available during the selloff!



cheers, done.

But how do we know it's worked & all?

Do we get an email confirming the free delivery credit? or is it somewhere in our account?
Or will postage just magically appear as free when we buy the boffer @ 12:00pm tonight?

Would they still ask for card details , if we do get the free delivery?

is this the one that was posted a while back or a new one?

anyway go for the freebies but i suggest avoiding the sack of crap as that's exactly what it usually is xD

Have used these before when they do free stuff alot of the time they will say they ran out of stock.

didnt receive the last "free" offer from them...


didnt receive the last "free" offer from them...

I did get a nice free pen last week from them, but yeah, I did have a few free items not sent out. When I queried boffer they just said it was probably lost in the mail, and they were all out of stock now.

yep well worth looking out for things from them

looking forward to this. Sack of crap is abit of fun. family have competitions and the winner is the one with the best stuff. I have previously got bags, dvd cases and electronic gadgets and a half body board and was gutted when my brother got a very nice upscaling dvd player. Freebies have included pens and lollies with a scorpion inside!

Boffer is down >_>

Couldn't connect.


Finally got to connect.... and surprise surprise...



2nd give away item.

Got to checkout, then confirmation, then....

There was an error writing to the database.

What a fkin disaster of a promotional offer.
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load of crap....postage is messing about.


Postage on that 1GB stick is more than its worth!

Postage was free on the 1GB stick if you had done what the OP. outlined.

1) 1GB usb stick (max 1) - FREE P&P. (Expired)
2) Toy Finger Kite (max 2) - £2.99 P&P. (Expired)
3) LED Mini Flashlight (max 1) - FREE P&P (Expired) - I got one! woohoo!
4) Glam Rox Ear Phones (max 1) - FREE P&P (Expired) - I got one! woohoo!
5) 10 x Me to You Teddy Bear Phone Charm (max 1) - £2.99 P&P. (Expired).
6) Calista Saliva Ovulation Test (max 1) - FREE P&P. (Expired). - errrr...'yay I got one' >_>
7) 3 x assorted Simpsons keyrings (max 1) - £2.99 P&P. (Expired).
8 ) 2 x Green FM Scan Radio with Ear Buds (max 1) - £2.99 P&P. (Expired).
9) Binatone Internet USB Phone (max 1) - £2.99 P&P (Expired).
10) 5 x SPONGEBOB mouse matt (max 1) - £2.99 P&P (Expired).
11) South Park Kyle magnet (max 1) - FREE P&P (Expired). I got one! woohoo!
12) 3 assorted Simpson’s squeezie Plush Toys (max 1) - £2.99 P&P (Expired)
13) Quake III Arena OEM (max 1) - £2.99 P&P (Expired)
14) Travel easy emergency charger Kit / portable battery charger(max 1) - £2.99 P&P (Expired)
15) 3 x Taz Mobile Phone Charm (max 1) - £2.99 P&P (Expired)
16) [url=url=boffer.co.uk/blo…php?boffer_id=1651]M&S Voice Recorder + 2 free Gifts[/url] (Expired)

That's your lot!

Or not!

17) Sack of Crap! (18 items) (max 1) - FREE P&P (Expired) Woot! I got 1 !
18) Sack of Crap! Again! (18 items) (max 1) - FREE P&P (Expired)

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so is it not free p&p on everything?


so is it not free p&p on everything?


Some of the almost free ones aren't too bad - especially when they allow multiple items per person, as you only pay one lot of postage. (.e.g the kite boffer)
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Original Poster

3 x assorted Simpsons keyrings... no way worth £2.99!

Why do people Boffer with this outfit?

It was FUN! ..... kinda ... Must have been bored tonight or something as stuck it out the whole 2 1/2 hours - Didn't manage to get any of the ones with free postage but managed to get a sack of crap with free postage so looking forward to seeing what crap arrives!!! (_;)

Got my sack of crap today - Very pleased actually - A FEW nice bits in there for absolutely free!!!!!

Lots of stocking fillers for a bemused / confused son-in-law! lol (_;)
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